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Like so many youngsters and teens of today, I had a burning desire to play the guitar. I was really fascinated with the instrument. I knew from day one. My passion was guitar and music. I just had to express myself musically. However, I discovered early that there was no easy way to learn guitar. I was not unduly worried, for me it was a labor of love. I learned to pick up playing guitar very quickly.

Funnily enough, there was only a single string on that beat-up old guitar. Undaunted, I would sound out simple tunes on it. Ones I had learned at school. I would copy songs I heard either on Television or Radio. In my day (I guess I am showing my age) there were no such things as Videos, CD’s, DVD’s, Mp3’s, I pods. Psp and Zune’s. Very few people even had record players or records back in the day.

Can you believe I used to pick the tune to “Bonanza” that old TV Western? On a one-stringed-guitar?

It was very difficult. We had to learn to “play by ear.” After you heard a tune on Radio. You then tried to remember the melody line and lyrics. You then would have to search the entire guitar fret board until you found the correct notes. This became even more difficult when I had all six strings. Especially when trying to find whole Chords and Chord progressions.

It was a tedious and frustrating experience, but I did it anyway. I was fortunate I had a good ear for music and singing. I loved music passionately.

There were a few other “handicaps to contend with.” You learned to be really quick on the uptake. When a song was played on the radio; you needed to be able to memorize most of an entire song. If you were unable to catch the tune the first time around, you had a long wait before the radio station played your second lesson. It was a skill I developed because there was no other choice. If there was an easy way to learn guitar I certainly never knew about it.

We did have a new record player. My oldest sister liked to listen to her corny love songs and she loved country music. I played her Marty Robbins records when she was safely out of the house ha! I was also fortunate that I had a lot of talented people in my family. Many played and sang in bands. I had many relatives who played in top Bands. I got spoiled for choice. My aunt and Uncles were well aware of my huge pre-occupation with Guitar. They took me along to many gigs they did. I was very young at the time.

As long as I stayed quiet and did not show myself. I was allowed to sit in the wings onstage; behind the curtains. I watched the entire performance up close and personal. My uncle, who was lead guitarist, would be part way through playing a song. Without missing a note or a beat, he would walk over to me and ask if I was ok.

I was in guitar Heaven. I would watch him glide back across the stage still playing his guitar. He would sidle up to his Microphone and join in singing with the other members of the Band. This was as good as it gets in my book. I found there was an Easy Way To Learn Guitar I lived it, breathed it and watched my uncles, aunts; cousins and friends play live onstage. It was the most inspirational learning environment ever, for a budding lead guitarist.

Fast forward to the sixties; I had a brand new electric guitar and I was now playing quite a few Jimi Hendrix tunes, I also had a large record album collection to die for. I played successfully as a lead guitarist and vocalist in many Bands over the years, I lived my dreams. In the seventies I played Hendrix, Deep Purple, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Clapton, Santana, Felix Papalardi, Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Roy Buchanan, early Fleetwood Mac, BB King, Ben E. King, and every good Blues Guitar Player I could find.

I learned how to read Music and Tablature along the way. I did some Teaching qualifications as well. I became a Tutor. I taught Performing Arts and Guitar Lessons for a number of years. I also taught Audio – Technology. I became immersed in music and technology advances. Musically, it has been a long journey for me. I still play guitar and Gig.

I am familiar with most of the advances made in music. I am up to speed with the latest band equipment. I use most new Technologies in Audio and Video. I am up to speed with Digital and computerized guitar sound effects. I am into recording software and use music interfaces and programs to record music and guitar tracks on my PC.

Unlike my learning curve, youth of today are spoilt for choice in Music technology advances. You do have an easy way to learn guitar. You are blessed with every technology imaginable at your disposal. All you need do is to take action. You have DVD’s and Video Tutorials as learning aids. You have your own private Guitar Tutor’s online and in your home.

You now have electronic tuning devices that ensure you never experience problems tuning your guitar. You are guaranteed perfect concert pitch every single time. You have exciting online games to teach boring Music Theory. You now have Digitech learn-a-lick. (or similar) This is a program that can capture a section of lead guitar phrasing or some licks. It can slow the music phrase down to any slow speed you desire. You are able to learn the most difficult and complex lead phrasing, one note at a time.

This program also stays in the same key. An Audio tape changes key as the music is slowed down. The slower audio tapes are played; sound begins to slur and distort. Learn a lick can be slowed down to any slow speed without changes in key or quality. There are other softwares available that teach an easy way to learn guitar. This program teaches every single note on the guitar Fret board in only 15 minutes. It is quick, easy and lots of fun.

Last and certainly not least, I have scoured the Internet. I have reviewed nearly every online Guitar Course, to find a Musician and Teacher not unlike myself. Who can give you a leading edge program in Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons? A good Teacher well versed in easy Tablature, who can show you a fast, fun filled, modern, new, easy way to learn guitar.

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